T&B JetSetter Luxe Preorder Update

Jetsetter Luxe Update as of 11/10/2022

We are currently experiencing major delays with our T&B JetSetter Luxe Train Cases

Expected shipping dates have been pushed back. We do not have a specific time frame when they will be delivered to us but we are hoping no more than 4 weeks. Which will be looking too close for a guaranteed delivery for Christmas. As soon as we get word they are on their way, we will email everyone who has pre ordered.

I understand if you cannot wait any longer.

If you want to cancel your order please email us at tarteandbeanco@gmail.com with Subject: CANCELLATION

For more updates, check our Instagram @tarteandbean under the JSLuxeUpdate Highlights section.

Thank y’all for so much for being more than patient & your support